The best way to manage your
current and future talents.

Start saving time by moving from spreadsheets to managing your employees with
our easy to use and personalized HR software that solve your problems.



No More Spreadsheet.
Beautiful Dashboard!

Talenta helps you with onboarding your new employees, managing your employee data and files, time-off and over time, and the most importantly: payroll - all in the web that your whole team can use right away without any installation or implementation.

One stop page for
your employee's information

Talenta helps you to get employee files, address, bank account information, and other important
information into a single page where you'll get notified of any changes.

Talenta's Payroll System

Using our payroll system it helps you to count all the factors in terms of determining the THP (Take Home Pay) of the
employees. We help you to count all the taxes (PPH 21), BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesehatan, and even your overtime and leave.

Tax Determination

Let Talenta do the complicated tax calculation so you can spend more time growing your business.

Overtime & Leave

With Talenta you can manage your time off in a few clicks and have it reflected in the final pay automatically.

Paperless Payroll

To increase efficiency, Talenta allows you to send your employee's payroll report straight to their mailbox.


Managing time-off

Tell Talenta how your company handles time off, vacation, and sick days. Then, Talenta creates a simple request and approval process for your team, along with a beautiful calendar showing all the time off across the company.

Our Clients

Top companies from tech industry and also offline companies.

our clients saved more than 70% of their time doing payroll, join us

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